Terms & Rules

Three Jurors will choose 75 banners for display around the Owen Sound Harbour.

The contest has three categories: Adults, Children (13 and under), and Group of Special Artists (persons who have developmental differences).

Banner size is 22” x 34” and your image on the banner will be up to 18” x 23”. Only vertical aspect ratio artwork will qualify.

The deadline is March 15th, 2022.

If you are a teacher, please put the school’s address instead of any personal address.

Banner Photo Tips
  • If you need to photograph your artwork, you should use a digital camera with at least a 5 Meg sensor. Best to photograph in natural light with no shadows. Remember, the image must be vertical.
  • Lay the painting on the floor and take the photo from above.
  • Try to hold your camera so that all the edges of your artwork are parallel to the edges of the view finder. If not, your work will be distorted.
  • Best lighting is strong, indirect light.
  • Natural light is best for capturing true colours, but direct sunlight may give a blue cast.
  • Take special care to avoid glare if your painting is varnished.
  • Create indirect light by using a couple of sheets of white foam core to bounce light onto your work.
  • Experiment to create the best possible photo of your work.
Notes on Sponsorship
  • sponsoring your own banner, or someone else’s, costs $100.
  • Sponsor can pick up their banner at the launch the following year.
  • You do not need to have your image sponsored in order to apply.
  • Unsponsored banners will become the property of the Art Banner Society.
  • All images accepted for exhibition may be used for promotional purposes by the Art Banner Society.

If this application is not working on your device please try a computer or a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.   

Adult 14+
Child (13 and Under)
GOSA (Group of Special Artist)